Having your own wardrobe, closet or even a drawer could be the best thing for a girl. But organizing the stuff inside could be fun at first and when everything gets many then you would have a hard time to select and make things put into proper way. For others, all you need is some effort and patience and even to practice more in order for you to have your way and technique in cleaning this. It would look nice and could give a good and proper way of caring your clothes if they are organized correctly inside of your wardrobe. Some women are using some dividers or boxes and even bags to keep their things inside into order. When you are putting or hanging your clothes or dresses and even jackets inside, you have to place them carefully and in the right way inside your wardrobes Melbourne. So, here are some of the organizing ways for you to learn and to know to make them fully looking good.  


  1. Since, it is your own stuff you need to arrange them according to their color and type. Don’t hang or fold everything. You need to know the basic on which one should be hung and which one should be folded. You can segregate those clothes that you use every day. You may have your own space for your jeans, a divider for your house clothes, an area to hang your expensive clothes.  
  2. When you finally decided on which one will be hung. Then, you need to arrange and organize them properly as well so that they won’t look messy when you look at them. You need to separate each one according to their color. After that, you need to arrange them now into how long the sleeves are.  
  3. Like we were talking a while ago. You can put some boxes inside your wardrobe. This is the best way to make things clean and look near. You can put in the box all the stuff that you occasionally use. You can also consider having small boxes for your accessories and jewelries.  
  4. You may consider to hang those clothes that are weighing less and blouses that requires no folding.  
  5. Never hang your thick and heavy winter jackets. It would not fit and it would possible damage the hanger and occupies too much space.  
  6. You may choose to hang or fold your pants and shorts and skirts. But for those that you are using for your daily work like company suit. Then, you may leave them hanging inside your wardrobe.  
  7. Of course, by this time you already think about to throw or to give some of your clothes and items away. Select them properly as you don’t want to regret in the end. 
  8. Don’t put or place any dirty clothes inside your drawer as it would leave a foul and smelly odor inside your closet. It would give smelly odor as well to other clothes and accessories.  
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